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It’s a challenge to understand the differing nutritional advice even when it’s not surrounded by contraversy.

If you’re looking to cut back on added sugar, lose weight, increase your energy levels, improve digestion and boost your immunity, we’ll help you make sense of it all.




We’ll evaluate your existing diet and because you’re unique, we’ll create a Personal Nutrition Plan especially for you.

We’ll advise on the guidelines for vitamins and minerals and we’ll help you to get rid of bad dietry habits and learn new, healthy ones.

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The daily sugar intake for women is 25g and 37.5g for men.

The daily water balance is around 2.7 litres. Only 1 litre of fluid, the rest is from food and metabolism.

There is around 24g of sugar in one 75cl flavoured Volvic water bottle!

If you book a personal training session you’ll receive nutritional advice and a Personal Nutrition Plan for FREE!


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No additional fee will be payable when travel to your chosen location is up to 10 miles away (for example, in the Blackpool and Fylde area) or it’s 50p per mile if the distance is over 10 miles.


I Achieved My Goals

I’ve worked with Ben for less than a month on his training programme.

My flexibility increased by an average of 20cm and with his scientific nutritional advice, I achieved my short term weight loss goals also.


Age 45

BCR Fitness personal training and nutritional advice results

Ben's Expert Training

With Ben’s expert training and nutritional advice, I went on to become a full-time member at the gym.

Thanks to Ben’s comforting nature, I have a new found confidence.


Age 18

Diet Plan Success

With Ben’s guided nutritional advice and his extensive knowledge on the science, I achieved my short term goal of a healthy weight gain.

I also went on to achieve my long term goal of an increase in muscle mass and lower fat percentage.


Age 20

Weight Loss Goal Achieved

Ben helped me follow my Doctor’s advice and achieve my weight loss goal, despite my list of medical conditions which he tailored a specific diet plan and exercise routine around.


Age 70

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